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November 26, 2011

Thanksgiving!  My fave holiday of the year kicking off the holidays to come.  Time for parties, yummy dinners, and desserts with my friends and fam.  I love to hear what everyone ate and made for Thanksgiving.  Here in Hawaii my Aunty and Uncle roasted their turkey in an imu (a Hawaiian underground oven) like a pig.  My Italian friends in New York had lasagna with their turkey and my friend Meg says she had a traditional dinner of turkey and bok choy!

After a delicious savory meal I crave something light, sweet, spicy and tart.  The perfect bill for an apple tart made with thinly sliced apples and a dusting of nutmeg and cinnamon.  This apple pie is not cloyingly sweet because the apples aren’t cooked in sugar and they sit tightly against each other resulting in al dente apple slices.  This is the inspiration for my apple pie gelato.  Creamy vanilla ice cream with thin slices of  al dente apples in spicy fragrant cinnamon and nutmeg.  It makes you want to linger with those you love talking story late into the night!

Apple Pie

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  1. Matt permalink

    mmm, that pie looks great! Grandma was raving about it on the phone when we talked yesterday. She said she had NEVER had apple pie like that. This is cool, so happy to see this getting off the ground

  2. Karen permalink

    I always hated cooked fruit, including cooked apples, but Melissa your apple tart is to die for. It was so yummy. The #1 apple tart in my world! Now if I had to choose between dark chocolate (my favorite food) and the apple tart, it might be a toss up. Your apple tart, some of your chai gelato and a cup of coffee would make for a great breakfast or dessert.

  3. Everything looks so delectable, I wish I could download the real thing and do a tasting here on the
    East Coast.
    Ellen D. N.

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