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Sweet, Spicy, Refreshing Ginger

November 28, 2011

“I can’t eat anymore!” my friend says as we are working on shooting the photographs for the different gelato flavors; we had already gone through three.  “You don’t have to eat it!  You can just throw it out when we’re done!”  I say.  We rush outside to capture the gelato before it melts and start shooting photos in the brilliant green valley of Manoa while clouds scuttle by overhead.  We finish our pictures in minutes and we head inside towards the house.  She takes a bite from the side that is threatening to melt onto her hand.  “Waaaaait.” she says “I can eat more of this!”

If you thought you were full, ginger will change your mind.  We eat it as a palate cleanser during sushi dinners, people drink it in teas for health and to cure indigestion, it’s used in all types of curries in India and throughout the Caribbean.  It is spicy and invigorating, but with the milk and sugar in the gelato it becomes more mellow and wholly fragrant.  It tastes light and cleansing and I watch my friend open her eyes wide wondering “how does something so familiar taste so new?”  It’s the perfect dessert after a great meal or after a lot of other gelato!

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