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Matcha-Haupia Gelato Onegaishimasu!

November 30, 2011

When I was touring around Kyoto it was springtime and I joined the masses of Japanese people to revel in the crazy sensory overload of cherry blossoms.  I went to the ancient temples, walked the gardens and browsed the vendors selling little coin purses and Kleenex holders out of traditional kimono cloth.  It was raining so I ducked into a small cafe and ordered a hot matcha tea with a special dessert, one of those beautiful meticulously designed daifuku mochi.   I speak very little Japanese, but I know how to say all the foods that I like to eat!  Earthy matcha green tea is always great with something sweet.  So when I came back to Hawaii I thought, why not combine the Japanese tea with our smooth sweet haupia?  Pure green tea ice cream is a little too bitter for my taste (I know everyone else loves it!) but this combination is perfect for me.  A little of the bitter green earthiness with the rich smooth haupia.  Yum!

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  1. Jennifer Engle permalink

    Oh my goodness, Mel, matcha-haupia sounds amazing!

  2. I love the pictures on your blog! All of the images evoke feelings of freshness! I can only imagine how tasty this gelato is… so sad that it’s not available in NYC on a regular basis!

  3. Liz permalink

    i have a feeling this one will be my personal favorite

  4. eiki permalink

    i wish you could send these up to LA. . . let me know if we can figure something out.

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