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Black Anise Dark Chocolate Truffle

January 7, 2012

Growing up, I used to accompany my mom to Chinatown every weekend because there was no such thing as a babysitter for my mom.  Chinatown for me was home to lots of public displays of spitting, pig heads, goat carcasses, thronged vegetable markets and mysterious Chinese herb shops with snakes and roots that looked like bones.  I went back to Chinatown this week to pick up some star anise for my truffle collection, and it’s definitely cleaner than I remember it but, the gist is still the same.  I put the sealed bag of stars in the car and creeped through the traffic of red lights, jay walking crowds and lazy police cars.  Within minutes my mom’s Camry stuck in traffic smelled of ancient China with silk robes and smoky dens.  When I got home I decided to pair the deep licorice anise with a bright spicy floral ingredient and dark chocolate sorbetto.  It’s dark, sensual and oriental (in all connotations of that word).   It does exactly what I want these truffles to do:  transport you to another world.


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