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Black Sesame

May 25, 2012

My friend and her brother asked me to make this flavor a long time ago.  They love this flavor because it’s light using soy milk (no dairy) and it has that familiar asian peanut butter-like flavor using black sesames.  I should write another blog about the holy trinity of asian dessert flavors (black sesame, red bean, green tea).  Anyway, it took me months and a trip to Spain to crave this quintessential asian flavor.  A month of eating a lot of rich jamon, seafood and eating out everyday for breakfast, lunch and dinner made me crave something lighter.  So I came home and ground black sesame to a powder and mixed in soy milk and some coconut milk to add a little creaminess.  You can taste the coconut but instead of crunching on dry coconut flakes your teeth find the fine nuttiness in the black sesame.  It’s nice to be home!


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