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Dulce De Leche & Salted Cashew Truffle

I have to say, this is my fave of the truffle collection.  It hits a bunch of sensations at once:  sweet, salty, crunchy, creamy.  It’s why candy bars are so addicting. To make dulce de leche you can throw a can of condensed milk into a pot of boiling water and let it simmer for an hour or two; when you open the can, magically the milk inside has turned into contained dulce de leche.  Or you can do it my way and simmer milk and brown sugar a tad of baking soda until it reduces down after a couple hours into a lightly salty caramel.  Either way it’s sooo addicting.  You can eat it straight, smear it on a banana, pretend you’re Cuban and put it in your coffee, use it in a Puerto Rican flan or smear it on cookies.  If you ever wanted to go to the Carribean, close your eyes, eat this with its crown of salty cashews and you’re there.


Spanish Hot Smoked Pimenton Truffle

Smoked pimenton or paprika is one of the defining spices in Spanish foods.  Everything it touches tints it red with a smoky sweet flavor.  It is most ubiquitously recognized in Spanish sausage chorizo.  Here, instead of meat, I am using it to flavor chocolate which imbues this truffle with smokiness that reminds me of spicy sausages and bacon.  I read in a magazine that bacon is the most attractive smell to men far above any floral or citrus fragrance.  That you’re better off attracting men with bacon than dousing yourself with perfume.  I wonder if that partially explains the recent craze towards bacon and chocolate; aphrodisiac with an aphrodisiac.  Well, V-day is coming up! xo

Black Anise Dark Chocolate Truffle

Growing up, I used to accompany my mom to Chinatown every weekend because there was no such thing as a babysitter for my mom.  Chinatown for me was home to lots of public displays of spitting, pig heads, goat carcasses, thronged vegetable markets and mysterious Chinese herb shops with snakes and roots that looked like bones.  I went back to Chinatown this week to pick up some star anise for my truffle collection, and it’s definitely cleaner than I remember it but, the gist is still the same.  I put the sealed bag of stars in the car and creeped through the traffic of red lights, jay walking crowds and lazy police cars.  Within minutes my mom’s Camry stuck in traffic smelled of ancient China with silk robes and smoky dens.  When I got home I decided to pair the deep licorice anise with a bright spicy floral ingredient and dark chocolate sorbetto.  It’s dark, sensual and oriental (in all connotations of that word).   It does exactly what I want these truffles to do:  transport you to another world.

Mint Straciatella

Candy canes!!!  It’s not going in the gelato; sorry.  They are so crunchy and sticky you would spend so much time chewing the candy canes the gelato will have melted by the time you are done.  But they are essential to every holiday season!  This mint straciatella hits all of those holiday notes without the chewiness of all those candy canes.  To be honest, when was the last time you finished an entire candy cane as an adult?  Mint straciatella:  infused with spearmint to remind you of christmas trees and laced with chunks of dark chocolate rags (or straciatella in Italian) to crunch on.  Happy Holidays!!!

Sexy Chocolate Sorbetto

I know a few people who are lactose intolerant, but I have a close friend who not only can’t eat things with milk, but he’s also highly allergic to eggs.  When we go out for ice cream he is relegated to eating only fruit sorbets which is not bad, but they aren’t his favorite.  I personally can’t imagine never eating eggs again or chocolate ice cream, that would be so devastating to me.  So, I made a chocolate sorbetto and it is soooo Hollywood!  It tastes and behaves completely real; creamy not watery, full of chocolate flavor (even more than the fierce chocolate gelato!), but there is zero milk and zero eggs.  It seems impossible; like how can Angelina possibly be that skinny after that many kids?  How can a sorbet be drop dead sexy?  They just are.











Holiday Cranberry

It’s holiday season!  People have decorated their trees; and in some cases palm trees with one big red ball and lights.  I love the holiday colors, bright and festive reds, gold, silver and green usually to cheer you up because it’s so dark and cold outside during New York winters but, here where it’s 80 degrees, it’s just fun!   This flavor kills so many birds with one scoop.  It’s festive because of the bright red against the vanilla, it uses your leftover cranberry relish from Thanksgiving, it’s tart and sweet (I love tart!) and the berries crunch in your mouth not unlike cherries.  Here’s to the start of the holiday craziness!

VIA has a Facebook

Hi Everyone!  Thank you so much for following VIA.  She now has a Facebook!  I know I’m a bad mommy; I’m so slow!  I’ve been hearing that it’s awkward trying to click on the “follow” buttons in the blog because it directs you to the general Twitter or Facebook websites.  If you cut and paste this link below, add VIA as a friend.  That way you can connect and follow the blog through your Facebook account.  Or you can look me up on FB as Via Gelato.  When we are friends, you will get a snippet of the blog posts as they come out with a pic in your newsfeed.  You can click on it if you want to read it and it will open up a new window and bring you directly here.  MUUUUCH EASIER!

Thanks you guys!